Randy Tuten, Poster Artist Extraordinaire

Randy Tuten, one of the original San Francisco psychedelic rock poster artists, began producing posters for rock impressario Bill Graham's organization in 1969. He remains a prolific poster designer today, and still a regular producer for Graham, the Family Dog and other San Francisco promoters. Tuten's work has long been recognized for its seminal influence in the art of modern rock and roll, and has been featured in major museum exhibits as well as in several important book-length retrospective studies of rock art. Though his work shows the influences of the 60s era, it has also evolved in recent years into an orderly and highly varied style of ornamental commercial art, often reminiscent of the advertising used in the deco era. His posters are now a part of rock history, and for both both curator and collector, will always be among the most desirable and telling artifacts of West Coast rock aesthetics.

The posters illustrated and offered for sale here at this web site are all mint condition specimens from Tuten's personal collection. Supplies are limited, and cannot be renewed after current copies are sold. Prices include the option of custom signing by the artist, who will personally ship each order.

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