A Word on Movie Poster Sizes

One Sheet (27" x 41")

One-sheets are the most popular movie poster size. They were made in the 27x41 size until 1983. All originals from films prior to this date were 41 inches long. Many reprints on these vintage titles will be 40.5, 40, 39.5 or 30 inches long. After 1983, many original one-sheets came in 27x40 size, while some were still made 41 inches. Almost all original one-sheets printed after 1989 are 40 inches although the occasional 41 inch or 39.5 inch original has been printed. A majority of reprints for titles post 1983- are 39-40 inches in length, making the distinguishing of reprints from the 1983-current period very difficult. There is no substitute for specific knowledge of known forgery marks for each and every case.

Even double-sidedness no longer guarantees originality. In recent years, a handful of reprints have been printed double-sided, on better quality paper than originals. This has led to a lot of fraud and misrepresetation in the hobby - because the standard of double-sidedness indicating first printing no longer holds. A few double-sided reprints include Elizabeth (with Cate Blanchett), Rushmore, Saving Private Ryan, Fast and the Furious, and Starship Troopers.

One-sheets have mostly been distributed rolled in recent years, but folded one-sheets were commonly seen throughout the 1980s; before 1979 almost all one-sheets were folded. `

Half Sheet (22" x 28")

Half sheets are printed on heavy card stock and usually come rolled.

Insert (14" x 36")

Inserts are also printed on heavy card stock and usually come rolled, but many of them were folded in the 1960s and earlier.

Window Card (14" x 22")

These smaller posters were usually used for off-site advertising. They are printed on card stock and come flat.

Three Sheet (41" x 81")

These larger-sized posters are three times the size of a one sheet and are printed on lower-quality paper stock.

Six Sheet (81" x 81")

These very large posters were usually put on display only in very large movie theaters and thus are much rarer than all the above sizes. These, too, are printed on paper stock and come folded.

24 Sheet (Outdoor Billboard Size, Variable Dimensions)

Lobby Cards (11" x 14")

These mini-posters were supplied in sets of 8 per movie title. They are printed on hard card stock. Each set has a title card, which features title and credits, as well as scene and portrait cards. Finding complete lobby card sets is not easy, as most desirable title sets have been broken up. Each set will more likely than not have what are termed "dead" cards--cards that do not feature main actors or scenes. Lobby cards sometimes come in jumbo size (14" x 17").

30" x 40" Heavy Stock Posters

These posters come rolled and do not exist for many film titles. They are printed on heavy card stock.

40" x 60" Heavy Stock Posters

Same as for 30" x 40" Heavy Stock Posters


Italian posters are mainly 13" x 28", 39" x 55" and 55" x 78" on paper stock, although other sizes exist. French Posters are 16" x 21", 24" x 31", 47" x 63" or 63" x 94" also on paper stock. Art work usually differs for Italian and French posters from the original American one-sheets.

British quads, 30" x 40", come on both paper stock and card stock, again with differing art work.

Japanese posters are usually about the size of an American half-sheet. Most Japanese posters are on thin paper stock and printed on both sides.