Movie Poster Page Clearance Sale

The clearance sets below are generally titles we sell in rolled and mint condition on our site. These all have slight damage, ranging from small edge nicks, or dents, to more obvious damage, such as dents throughout the poster. All are presentable and the damage on some is not noticeable. They are sold in the groupings below and condition problem is noted in each case. We will not be able to describe these further, and there are NO RETURNS on these items. The prices given for all the posters in that group. Only ONE of each batch exists. Many can be framed or displayed with the condition flaw not visible. Images for many of these can be found on our site. All are original, unless noted as reprints.

Additionally, some groupings are MINT items.

Shipping is $7 per group within the US, or by weight for international orders. You can place your order by entering your credit card info on our secure server at

and noting by number the particular CLEARANCE GROUP/S you are ordering in the comments field at the bottom of the credit card form.

Group 1: $35 click here for picture with description

Group 2: $20

Rushmore- double-sided orig, border corner bent

Vampires (John Carpenter) double-sided orig, slight edge wear

Swingers - style A reprint, ok

Group 3: $25

Abyss - original, slight edge wear, tiny surface dents

X-files movie- double-sided style C red advance, very slight edge wear

Dark City - great sci-fi cult favorite, ok

The Crow - reprint, slight edge wear

Group 6: $25

Swingers original style A - very slight dents

Top Gun - Italian reprint - very slight fold mark

Thin Red Line - double-sided original, ok

Natural style B reprint - very slight edge wear

Group 6B: $26

LA Confidential - very tiny edge tears

Swingers - style B reprint - crinkles throughout

Bram Stoker's Dracula rerpint - slight dents image area

Creature from the Black Lagoon - out of print, limited rpt, edge wear

Group 8: $23

Disturbing Behavior (Katie Homles) original, ok

Enter the Dragon reprint tiny border tear

Dark City - great sci-fi cult favorite, ok

Rushmore - original double-sided, tiny edge wear