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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

Dictionary of Contemporary English on CD-ROM
Pearson Education Limited

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Item #:PE20102


This new CD-ROM is an ultimate source for ESL students and instructors, covering over 106,000 words and phrases based on a million extra real sentences from books and newspapers. Every headword is pronounced by native speakers in British or American English. The dictionary includes over 6,000 cultural references, interactive exercises, exam practice, the complete Longman Language Activator - the world's first writing dictionary, and much, much more.


This dictionary is not only a valuable source of information on contemporary English, but also a unique educational resource. 220,000 word combinations show which words are used together, natural examples based real language are explained in simple words, so you learn how to use the words and phrases accurately. Not only can you listen to the pronunciations of the words, but also record your own sound and play it back. The CD-ROM includes interactive exercises, practice exam, essay writing techniques, and more &


  • 155,000 natural examples bring English to life
  • 1 million additional sentences from books and magazines
  • Top 3000 words in spoken and written English
  • 106,000 words and phrases - all the words you need
  • 220,000 word combinations show which words are used together
  • Longman Language Activator provides essay writing technique
  • Collocation and Word Focus boxes
  • Interactive exercises and exam practice

Supported languages:



Stand-Alone or Single Workstation

Number of users:


Distribution media:


Program Interface:




System Requirements:

  • Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
  • IBM PC 486 or above
  • 32 Mb minimum RAM
  • 30 Mb free hard disk space
  • MPC compatible audio board (eg Soundblaster)
  • CD-ROM drive, speakers or headphones

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