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Translate 2004, Euro Business


Translation Software for Windows English to/from French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese(Brazilian), Polish, Russian, Ukrainian.


LM229102 $695.00


Magic Clipboard, 1.0


Magic Clipboard is a conversion program which is designed to solve the problems related to an improper display of foreign language characters in Windows applications.


SL99801 $49.95


ConverTex for Windows and Macintosh


Convertex is a program for the conversion of foreign language texts in RTF or in TXT format from PC to Mac and vice versa.


URW99901 $625.00


PARS English - Ukrainian Deluxe Complete


PARS Ukrainian Deluxe is an efficient computer-aided translation tool for generating draft quality machine translations from Ukrainian into English or vice versa.


LG25201 $199.00


ORFO 2004 Ukrainian


ORFO 2004 Ukrainian provides spell-checking and hyphenation functions for documents written in Ukrainian language.


IN95101 $125.00


ParaWin ME


ParaWin ME Pro provides a complete language support for Baltic, Central European, Cyrillic, Greek, Turkish and Western languages.


PG90101 $145.00


Cyrillic Keytop Labels, Blue


Self-adhesive (stick-on) transparent overlay labels. Precisely fits your computer keycaps - either desktops or laptops.


SL90101C_B $12.00


ParaWin XP


ParaWin XP extends Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP National Language Support for Baltic, Central European, Cyrillic, Greek, Turkish and Western group of languages.


PG70101 $145.00


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