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Lexibase Collins Pro English-German


Lexibase Collins is the most complete and recently renewed version of the famous Collins dictionary covers more than 500,000 translation.


SF23201 $99.00


Langenscheidt e-Dictionary of Technology and Sciences


This comprehensive English-German technical dictionary edited by Professor Dr. Peter A. Schmitt covers over 500,000 technical terms in various technical and applied areas.


LN23202 $275.00


Context Multilingual


CONTEXT is bi-directional dictionary containing 10 language pairs: English to/from French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Serbian, Spanish and French to/from German and Italian.


IN99201 $95.00


Collins English to/from German Talking Dictionary


Collins English to/from German Talking Dictionary is an electronic version of the well-known Collins dictionary spoken by the native speakers.


IE23201 $49.95


Langenscheidt Medical e-Dictionary


This comprehensive English-German medical dictionary edited by Professor Dr. Fritz-Jurgen Nohring covers over 220,000 medical terms in various areas of medicine.


LN23204 $195.00


Langenscheidt New College e-Dictionary English-German


Langenscheidt e-Dictionary provides a very good source of information both for professionals and new learners. The dictionary covers over 245,000 translations for each language.


LN23201 $85.00


Langenscheidt e-Dictionary of Chemistry


This comprehensive English-German dictionary covers over 220,000 terms in various areas of chemistry, chemical technology and analytical chemistry.


LN23206 $225.00


Langenscheidt e-Dictionary of Electr. Eng. and Electronics


The comprehensive English-German dictionary of Electrical Engineering and Electronics edited by Professor Dr. Dr. Peter-Klaus covers over 150,000 technical terms in various technical areas.


LN23203 $195.00


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