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@promt 2004 Expert, English to/from Russian


@promt 2004 Expert - translation software for translation professionals. @promt Expert imbeds translation functions into MS Office 2000/XP/2003.


MT70103 $595.00


Longman Advanced American Dictionary


Dictionary of American English on CD-ROM Advanced Level.


PE20101 $49.95


Bridge to English for French Speakers


The program is designed to teach English language for beginners as well as for those who want to perfect their spelling, pronunciation and comprehension skills.


IE22200 $49.95


SPELLINK 2002 English


The most powerful and comprehensive spell-checking software for ANY Windows application for English language.


IN99101 $50.00


Writing Tools Pro for Russian, Windows NT/2000/XP. Save $110


This package brings together all the programs necessary to give you a complete and effective set of tools to manage documents in Russian and English languages. Save $110


SL72002 $297.00


Langenscheidt e-Dictionary of Technology and Sciences


This comprehensive English-German technical dictionary edited by Professor Dr. Peter A. Schmitt covers over 500,000 technical terms in various technical and applied areas.


LN23202 $275.00


Lexibase Collins Pro English-Spanish


Lexibase Collins is the most complete and recently renewed version of the famous Collins dictionary covers more than 430,000 translation.


SF21201 $99.00


Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English


Dictionary of Contemporary English on CD-ROM.


PE20102 $39.95


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