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Lexibase Collins Pro English-Spanish


Lexibase Collins is the most complete and recently renewed version of the famous Collins dictionary covers more than 430,000 translation.


SF21201 $99.00


Langenscheidt e-Dictionary of Electr. Eng. and Electronics


The comprehensive English-German dictionary of Electrical Engineering and Electronics edited by Professor Dr. Dr. Peter-Klaus covers over 150,000 technical terms in various technical areas.


LN23203 $195.00


Entire Context English - Russian


Entire CONTEXT is an intelligent computer dictionary for English and Russian languages containing over 2,000,000 entries organized as a library of 37 specialized dictionaries.


IN20900 $495.00


Lexibase Collins Pro English-French


Lexibase Collins is the most complete and recently renewed version of the famous Robert and Collins dictionary covers more than 480,000 translation.


SF22201 $99.00


Word Magic Spanish-English Dictionary Professional


This is the most comprehensive Spanish-English dictionary and thesaurus with 600,000 translations and 4 million synonyms covering idiomatic, technical and general terms.


WM91203 $295.00


Combined Package of Dictionaries


Word Magics Combined Package of Dictionaries is a collection compiled from several reputed printed dictionaries and glossaries.


WM91207 $595.00


Langenscheidt e-Dictionary of Technology and Sciences


This comprehensive English-German technical dictionary edited by Professor Dr. Peter A. Schmitt covers over 500,000 technical terms in various technical and applied areas.


LN23202 $275.00


Context "Any-Five" English - Russian


CONTEXT "Any-Five" allows you to select any 5 dictionaries from the entire library of 37 dictionaries and get a customized version.


IN20201 $125.00


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