Shirin and Farhad (1970) - (Cuneyt Arkin) Iranian film poster

Pictured is an Iranian promotional poster for the 1970 Esmail Kushan film Farhad and Shirin starring Cuneyt Arkin as Farhad.

Size: 23.5" x 32.5"

Price: NFS

Condition: Folded Near Mint

Here is a 23.5" x 32.5" Iranian promotional poster designed by Mahmoud Behnam to promote the 1970 100-minute Esmail Kushan color film Shirin and Farhad starring Cuneyt Arkin based on a screenplay by Esmail Kushan, adapted from the work of the same name by the 12th-century poet Nizami Ganjavi, with cinematography by Mahmoud Kushan. The film was produced by the Pars Film Studio. Plot summary: Shirin is supposed to marry Khosro but Farhad sees her and falls in love with her. To keep Farhad away from Shirin, Khosro sets a requirement that to marry her he must make water flow through a stone mountain. Farhad does this, but Khosro does not want to keep his promise. Farhad flees with Shirin and jumps off the top of the same mountain with her. They die side by side.

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