Dead Don't Dream, The (1948) - (William Boyd) Mexican one-sheet F, EX AE $125 *

Size: 27" x 36.75"

Price: $125

Condition: Folded, Excellent, Achivally Encapsulated (small fold separations)

The poster designer has translated the Spanish title as "Fighting Man from Arizona," but that title was never used for any Hopalong Cassidy film. Los Muertos no Suenan is actually Paramount's official Spanish translation for The Dead Don't Dream (1948), the last of 12 films directed by George Archainbaud for Hopalong Cassidy Productions after William Boyd parted company with his former partner Harry Sherman in 1943. In this film, Hoppy solves three murders at a frontier hotel and then chases the killers through a series of dark and sinister locations.

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