Runaway, The [al-hareba] (1958) - (Shadia) Egyptian film poster F, NM $125 *

Pictured is an Egyptian promotional poster for the 1958 Hassan Ramzi film The Runaway, starring Shadia.

Size: 27" x 39"

Price: $125

Condition: Folded Near Mint (original stone lithograph)

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This film is based on the 1929 Jean Giono novel Un de Baumugnes, and the 1934 film Angele based on the same novel directed by Marcel Pagnol and starring Orane Demazis as Angele Barbaroux. It was directed by Hassan Ramzi with screenplay by Hassan Ramzi and Naguib Mahfouz, cinematography by Victor Antoun. Plot Summary: Zeinab (Shadia) believed it was her right to choose her husband but her father the mayor arranged a marriage to her cousin against her wishes. Zeinab ran away and her cousin decided he would kill her if he found her. Zeinab went to Cairo where she met a young physician who gave her shelter. They fell in love and agreed to marry in three years after he returned from an assignment in Europe. However he came home drunk one night and raped her. In the morning he was unable to explain to her his decision to marry her. He left and she thought he had fled after deceiving her. She left the house and went to live with one of the doctor's friends, who treated her as a sister. They joined a singing group that toured the Arab nations. When the physician returned he tried to find Zeinab so he could marry her but no one could say where she was. She was living with the physician's friend outside Cairo where she had her baby and was raising the child. She learned from the newspapers that he had become a representative for the hospital in her town. She decided to return to Cairo to ask him to acknowledge his son. When she met him he was confused to learn he had a son. He emphasized he would acknowledge him but he asked her to give him time. She believed he was avoiding her. Suddenly her family summoned him to help her dying father. She went with him and asked his forgiveness. The father died and the cousin decided to kill her, but he changed his mind in the end because of her sister's pleading, and she finally returned to her town. The physician's friend mediated between Zeinab and the physician and harmony was restored between them.

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