Croce, Jim "The Faces I've Been" 1975 Lifesong 2-LP LS 900 EX $25

Size: 12" vinyl 2-LP Set

Cost: $25

Condition: Excellent, lightly used

Includes gatefold cover with six pages of text, disk sleeves with printed song lyrics.

Here is the Track Listing:

1. This Land Is Your Land
2. Greenback Dollar
3. Pig's Song
4. Gunga Din
5. Sun Come Up
6. Bit Fat Woman
7. Charlie Green Play That Slide Trombone
8. Railroads And Riverboats
9. Railroad Song
10. The Way We Used To
11. Maybe Tomorrow
12. Stone Walls
13. I Remember Mary
14. Country Girl
15. Which Way Are You Goin'
16. King's Song
17. Missisippi Lady
18. Chain Gang Medley
19. Old Man River
20. Carmella...South Philly
21. Cars and Dates, Chrome and Clubs
22. The Chinese
23. Trucks And Ups
24. The Army

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