Right To Love, The (1972) - (Omar Sharif) Egyptian film poster F, EX $45 *

Pictured is an Egyptian promotional poster for the 1972 Eric Le Hung film The Right To Love, starring Omar Sharif.

Size: 27" x 39"

Price: $45

Condition: Folded, Excellent (minor edge damage)

This is a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster for the 1972 Eric Le Hung film The Right to Love AKA Le droit d'aimer starring Omar Sharif as Pierre, based on a novel by Francoise Xenakis and based on a screenplay by Jean-Claude Carriere and Eric Le Hung. Plot summary: Helena [Florinda Bookan] and Pierre have been separated for two years because Pierre has been kept as a political prisoner on a nearby island. After many failed efforts Helena is finally allowed to see him.

The original French title is "Le droit d'aimer". An alternate English title is Brainwashed.

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