Love and Bullets (1979) - (Charles Bronson) Egyptian film poster F, EX $35 *

Pictured is an Egyptian promotional poster for the 1979 Stuart Rosenberg film Love and Bullets, starring Charles Bronson.

Size: 27" x 39"

Price: SOLD

Condition: Folded, Excellent (minor edge damage)

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This is a 27" x 39" Egyptian one-sheet poster designed by Moaty for the 1979 Stuart Rosenberg film Love and Bullets based on a screenplay by Wendell Mayes and John Melson and starring Charles Bronson as Police Officer Charlie Congers. Plot summary: Jackie Pruit [Jill Ireland] is the object of both love and bullets as she is caught in the middle during Charlie Congers's pursuit of mob boss Joe Bomposa [Rod Steiger].


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