Zardoz (1974) - (Sean Connery) Argentine one-sheet F, NM, $50 *

Pictured is an Argentine one-sheet poster for the 1974 John Boorman film Zardoz starring Sean Connery as Zed.

Size: 29" x 43"

Price: $50

Condition: Folded, Near Mint

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This is a 29" x 43" Argentine one-sheet poster for the 1974 John Boorman film Zardoz written by John Boorman and starring Sean Connery as Zed. Plot summary: In the year 2293 the humans living on post-apocalyptic Earth have become divided into two great classes, the Eternals, who are immortal, and the Brutals, who are mortal. The Eternals live on a luxurious estate called the Vortex, while the Brutals live as agricultural slaves in a place called the Wasteland. Zed is a Brutal who works as an exterminator and kills his fellow Brutals on the orders of a flying stone god called Zardoz [Niall Buggy]. Zed finds his way into the Vortex and learns its secrets. Armed with this knowledge Zed later recruits some of his fellow exterminators and invades the Vortex, whose inhabitants have become bored with immortality anyway.

This item is available for immediate shipment. It is variously known to the public as a Zardoz poster, a Zardoz film poster and a Zardoz movie poster.

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