Bad Guy [al-fata al-sherrir] (1989) - (Nour El-Sherif) Egyptian movie poster F, NM $35 *

Pictured is an Egyptian promotional poster for the 1989 Mohamed Abdel Aziz film The Bad Boy, starring Nour El-Sherif.

Size: 27" x 39"

Price: $35

Condition: Folded, Near Mint

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Pictured is a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster designed by Hassan Mazhar Gasour and Anise to promote the 1989 105-minute Mohamed Abdel Aziz color film Bad Guy [al-fata al-sherrir] starring Nour El-Sherif based on the 1983 Brian De Palma film Scarface with screenplay and dialogue by Basyouni Othman and cinematography by Kamal Korayem. Plot summary: This film is not as realistic as Scarface, the sets and production values are cheaper, Cairo bears very little resemblance to Miami and Nour El-Sherif, great as he is, is no Al Pacino. However it roughly follows the original story line, consisting of a series of loosely connected bitter disputes and violent clashes culminating in a mass armed assault on a sumptuous mansion. In this narrative Salah [Nour El-Sherif] is given a seven-year prison sentence for manslaughter. In prison he meets Said [Ali al-Hagar] and a strong friendship grows between them. When Salah gets out of prison he cannot find a job so he takes up dealing in currency for a trader. He gains the trader's confidence and becomes wealthy while working for him. Salah discovers that his girlfriend Elham [Noura], for whom he has been searching since his release from prison, has married Zohdi [Mohamed El Dafrawy], an important crime boss. He fights with Zohdi over Elham. Said tries to convince Salah to give up the life of crime and stops working with him. Zohdi's gang fails in its attempt to kill Salah and its members are all arrested. Salah marries Elham after her divorce from the arrested Zohdi. She also tries unsuccessfully to convince Salah to give up his life of crime. Members of Zohdi's gang raid the home of Salah and Said; Salah defeats them, Said is injured and Salah continues his criminal activity.

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