Lawless Breed, The (1953) - (Rock Hudson) Argentine one-sheet F,EX $125 *

pictured is an Argentine one-sheet poster for the 1953 Raoul Walsh film The Lawless Breed starring Rock Hudson.

Size: 29 x 43

Price: $125

Condition: Folded, Excellent (small holes and fold separations as shown in photo)

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This is an original 29" x 43" Argentine one-sheet for the 1953 film The Lawless Breed based on a story by William Alland adapted from John Wesley Hardin's original autobiographical account, screenplay by Bernard Gordon and starring Rock Hudson as John Wesley Hardin. Plot summary: This is story of John Wesley Hardin, an American gunfighter who left an autobiographical account of his life with a local newspaper after he was pardoned and released from prison in 1896 in Huntsville Texas. The film narrates his youthful attachment to Jane Bond [Mary Castle], the orphan girl with whom he grew up, the discipline he underwent as the son of authoritarian religious father [John McIntire], his crooked gambling habits, his flight from the law after killing a man named Gus Hanley [Michael Ansara] in self-defense and his participation in a family cattle drive to Abilene to avoid the authorities. In Abilene he kills Dirk Hanley [Lee Van Cleef], also in self-defense, then buys a wedding dress for Jane Bond and takes it back to her at his family home. After Jane is killed by a posse pursuing Hardin, he spends years on the run with Rosie McCoy [Julie Adams] before the Texas Rangers catch up with him in Kansas. The rangers do not catch him there and from Kansas he moves with Rosie to Pollard Alabama, where he marries her and has a child with her under the name J. Swain. The rangers arrest him there and he is tried, convicted and sentenced to 25 years in prison, though he insisted until the end the killing was in self-defense.

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