Tren Expreso, El (1955) - (Jorge Mistral) Mexican poster, R, M LB $275 *

Pictured is a Mexican poster for the 1955 Leon Klimovsky film El Tren Express starring Jorge Mistral as Mario Sandoval.

Size: 31" x 41"

Price: $275

Condition: Rolled, Mint, Linen-backed

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This is a 31" x 41" linen-backed Mexican poster for the 1955 Leon Limovsky film El Tren Expreso starring Jorge Mistral as Mario Sandoval. Plot summary: Mario Sandoval is a famous pianist on the verge of a nervous breakdown who decides to take a vacation. On the train he meets Andrea, [Laura Hidalgo] a beautiful young widow who has been destroyed by an unhappy marriage. She tries to kill herself by jumping off the moving train, but he stops her. They get off in a beautiful village for two days of romance. Before getting married, the two decide to test their love with a three-month separation. On the day they have agreed to meet, he finds she has died a month earlier leaving him a farewell letter.

This item is available for immediate shipment. It is variously known to the public as a Tren Expreso, El poster, a Tren Expreso, El film poster and a Tren Expreso, El movie poster.

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