Manhunter [saidet al-rigal] (1960) - (Hoda Soltan) Egyptian film poster R, EX $35 *

Pictured is an Egyptian promotional film poster for the 1960 Hassan Al Imam film Manhunter, starring Hoda Soltan.

Size: 27" x 39"

Price: $35

Condition: Rolled, Excellent (border tears, pinholes)

This is a 27" x 39" Egyptian one-sheet poster designed by Hassan Mazhar Gasour for the 1960 Hassan Al Imam film Manhunter [saedet al-rigal] based on story, screenplay and dialogue by Mohamed Osman and starring Hoda Soltan. Plot Summary: A woman was working in a nightclub and trying to get away from that world at any price. She met a poor young boy who fell in love with her and asked for her hand in marriage. She accepted and left the world of the cabarets. She became extremely loyal and served her disabled father-in-law, but her husband felt he was not making her happy and embezzled some money from the company where he worked. What he did was discovered and he was imprisoned. Under these conditions she decided to go back to the bar and continue caring for her husband's father without the husband knowing the truth. However the husband was hurt when he got out of prison and he divorced her, but his father revealed to him the goodness of his wife and he went to her and brought her home again.

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