Rawhide (1951) - (Tyrone Power) Window Card VG AE $55 *

pictured is a US window card for the 1951 Henry Hathaway film Rawhide starring Susan Hayward and Tyrone Power.

Size: 14" x 22"

Price: $55

Condition: Very Good (lower left corner was torn off then replaced; card is archivally encapsulated)

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Pictured is a US 14" x 17" window card for the 1951 Henry Hathaway film Rawhide based on a story by Dudley Nichols and starring Tyrone Power as Tom Owens and Susan Hayward as Vinnie Holt. Plot summary: Rawhide is a desert stagecoach stop where Vinnie Holt finds herself and her niece stranded with the assistant stationmaster Tom Owens after stationmaster Sam Todd [Edgar Buchanan] has been killed by a fugitive murderer named Rafe Zimmerman [Hugh Marlowe] and his three henchmen. Tension runs high while the outlaws wait with their hostages for the next stage so they can rob it, but events take an unexpected turn.

This item is available for immediate shipment. It is variously known to the public as a Rawhide poster, a Rawhide film poster and a Rawhide movie poster. It is also known as a window card.

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