Robowar (1988) - (Reb Brown) Italian locandina F, NM $35 *

Pictured is an Italian locandina promotional poster for the 1988 Vincent Dawn film Robowar starring Reb Brown as Major Murphy Black.

Size: 13" x 27.5"

Price: SOLD

Condition: Folded, Near Mint

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This is a 13" x 27.5" Italian locandina for the 1988 Vincent Dawn AKA Bruno Mattei film Robowar based on a screenplay by Rosella Drudi, story by Rosella Drudi and Claudio Fragasso and starring Reb Brown as Major Murphy Black. Plot summary: Major Murphy Black and a group of commandos are chasing guerillas on a jungle island. They are also being stalked by the robot Omega-1. At a hospital camp the commandos rescue a volunteer named Virgin [Catherine Hickland] and then kill all the guerillas who have been holding her there. The following day Omega-1 continues stalking them.

This item is available for immediate shipment. It is variously known to the public as a Robowar poster, a Robowar film poster and a Robowar movie poster.

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