Vulcan, Son of Jupiter (1962) - (Iloosh Khoshabe) Italian locandina VG $34.50 *

Pictured is an Italian locandina poster for the 1962 Emimmo Salvi film Vulcan, Son of Jupiter starring Iloosh Khoshabe Vulcan.

Size: 12.75" x 27.25"

Price: $34.50

Condition: Folded, VG (tape on back, edge damage)

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This is a 12.75" x 27.25" Italian locandina for the 1962 Emimmo Salvi Italian/Iranian film Vulcan, Son of Jupiter AKA Vulcan Son of Giove based on a story by Emimmo Salvi, screenplay by Ambrogio Molteni, Gino Stafford, Benito Ilforte and Emimmo Salvi and starring Iloosh Khoshabe AKA Rod Flash as Vulcan the blacksmith. Plot summary: In ancient Greece there is trouble on Mount Olympus when Venus [Annie Gorassini] upsets her father Jupiter [Furio Meniconi] with her sexual promiscuity. Jupiter decides to marry her off either to Vulcan or Mars, [Roger Browne] but Mars abducts her and makes plans to attack Jupiter from a high bamboo tower.

This item is available for immediate shipment. It is variously known to the public as a Vulcan, Son of Jupiter poster, a Vulcan, Son of Jupiter film poster and a Vulcan, Son of Jupiter movie poster.

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