Yasmin (1950) - (Anwar Wagdi) Egyptian lobby card F, EX $45 *

Pictured is an original Egyptian promotional lobby card for the 1950 Anwar Wagdi film Yasmin, starring Feyrouz and Anwar Wagdi.

Size: 12" x 15"

Price: $45

Condition: Excellent (pinholes, surface chip in upper right corner of photo)

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This is a 12" x 15" Egyptian lobby card for the 1950 film Yasmin written and directed by Anwar Wagdi with screenplay and dialogue by Abou Seoud El-Ibiary and starring Feyrouz as Yasmin/Atuta. Plot summary: The head of the family Adel [Mohamamd al-Dib] did not want another daughter, so when Yasmin was born he left her at the door of a shelter. Adel later died; the girl grew up and ran away from the shelter to join a gang of pickpockets as Atuta. She happened to meet an unemployed trumpet player named Wahid [Anwar Wagdi] who asked her to help him with his act, stop stealing and repent. She lived with him for a time but got tired of the respectable life and went back to the gang. Wahid discovered that Atuta was a rich man's daughter. When Atuta's gang robbed her grandfather's [Zaki Rostom] villa the gang was arrested; Atuta became Yasmin again and went back to her mother, [Madiha Yousri] who married Wahid.

The Egyptian child star "Fayrouz" appearing in this film should not be confused with the Lebanese singer Fairuz.

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