First Love [awwal gharam] (1956) - (Samia Gamal) original Egyptian film program NM $65 **jg**

Pictured is an Egyptian promotional poster for the 1956 Niazi Mostafa film First Love starring Samia Gamal as Zeinab.

Size: 8" x 11" 12 pages

Price: $65

Condition: Near Mint

This is an original year 8" x 11" 12-page Egyptian film program designed by Stamatis Vassiliou for the 1956 Niazi Mostafa film First Love based on a story by Gerda Corbett and Botros Zarbenelli and starring Samia Gamal [1924 - 1994] as Zeinab. The program includes song lyrics, plot and key photographic images. Plot Summary: There was a quarrel between Senia the first dancer in a dance troupe and its director, and he fired her. This gave Zeinab a chance to be the troupe's lead dancer. However the group's main singer refused to sing in front of her. Zeinab suggested to the director that he give the opportunity to her lover, a novice singer named Salah, who got the job in his first trial; this made Senia resent him. She told Salah Zeinab was in a relationship with the director, whereupon Salah's relationship with Zeinab soured. The director rehired Senia. There was a quarrel between Senia's assistants and Zeinab's assistants just before a performance began. When Zeinab performed she made a place for herself in the public eye. Then she went back to Salah, who had seen the truth.

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