Manuscripts (1987) - (Shahram Almasi) Iranian film poster F, Ex $55 *

Pictured is an Iranian promotional poster for the 1987 Mehrzad Minui film Manuscripts starring Shahram Almasi.

Size: 26.5" x 38"

Price: $55

Condition: Folded Excellent (minor edge damage)

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This is a 26.5" x 38" Iranian poster for the 1987 Mehrzad Minui film Manuscripts written by Behruz Afkhami and starring Shahram Almasi. Plot summary: Hossein Motamed [Jalil Farjad] was fired from his former job as a committee member because he violated regulations, and he is now a taxi driver. His crime was that during a chase he used a passerby's personal automobile, which later led to the loss of life and property. A document was obtained from a team house showing that plans had been made to assassinate Hossein Motamed. Shortly before that a youth named Mansour Entesari had told him he was the agent in charge of killing him, but since he had been discharged from the organization he was unwilling to do this. His intent was to give his information to Motamed. Motamed permits Mansour to continue his role in the terrorist organization. The committee was following these events and warned Motamed against interfering before the law took care of the matter. The terrorist organization killed Mansour and arrested Motamed and took him to a team house. The house was surrounded by committee agents. Committee agents killed a number of people from the outside, arrested the others and took over the house.

This item is available for immediate shipment. It is variously known to the public as a Manuscripts poster, a Manuscripts film poster and a Manuscripts movie poster.

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