Spectre of Scorpion (1987) - (Kazem Afrandnia) Iranian film poster F, EX $75 *

Pictured is an Iranian promotional poster for the 1987 Kianush Ayari film Spectre of Scorpion starring Kazem Afrandnia.

Size: 26.5" x 38"

Price: SOLD

Condition: Folded Excellent (small tear at bottom center)

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This is a 26.5" x 38" Iranian poster for the 1987 film Spectre of Scorpion written and directed by Kianush Ayari and starring Kazem Afrandnia. Plot summary: Mahmoud is an 8mm filmmaker who has a special affinity for 8mm film. He makes a short film called Spectre of Scorpion with the intent of making a feature length film from the screenplay, but this is prevented by a shortage of resources. Mahmoud has a friend named Hassan who makes Persian films. Their friendship becomes the basis for a story. Love for cinema and weariness of all the effort ultimately brings the story into real life. He flees with the money after robbing Mahmoud's jeweler friend. Mahmoud's brother, who is a suspect in the theft, helps Mahmoud pursue Hassan. At the end Mahmoud intends to return the jewels; he unwittingly confesses when he sees Hassan's death.

This item is available for immediate shipment. It is variously known to the public as a Spectre of Scorpion poster, a Spectre of Scorpion film poster and a Spectre of Scorpion movie poster.

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