Sogoli (1970) - (Naser Malek Motiee) Iranian film poster F, NM $75 *

Pictured is an Iranian promotional poster for the 1970 Fereydoun Jourak film Sogoli starring Naser Malek Motiee.

Size: 23.5" x 35.25"

Price: SOLD

Condition: Folded, Near Mint

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This is a 23.5" x 35.25" Iranian poster designed by Ahang for the 1970 Fereydoun Jourak film Sogoli written by Ahmad Najibzadeh and starring Naser Malek Motiee. Plot summary: When the big brother realizes the little brother has fallen in love with a dancer, he sends another girl his way. The little brother quickly falls in love with the girl even though the big brother is also in love with her. To prevent the two brothers from separating, the girl drops both of them. The big brother feels responsible for the little brother's happiness so he sends him after the girl.

This item is available for immediate shipment. It is variously known to the public as a Sogoli poster, a Sogoli film poster and a Sogoli movie poster.

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