Neighborhood Beauty [khoshgel-e mahalleh] (1971) - (Soraya Beheshti) Iranian film poster F, NM $95 *

Pictured is an Iranian promotional poster for the 1971 Iraj Golafshan film Neighborhood Beauty starring Foruzan and Soraya Beheshti.

Size: 24" x 33.5"

Price: $95

Condition: Folded Near Mint

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Here is a 24" x 33.5" Iranian promotional poster by an unknown designer printed by the Agahi Printing Company to promote the 1971 Iraj Golafshan 90-minute black-and-white film Neighborhood Beauty [khosgel-e mahaleh] based on a screenplay by Iraj Golafshan with cinematography by Maziar Parto. The film was produced by Sayira Film. Plot summary: Nazi is the prime suspect in a theft at a company. Nazi knows the thief is a man named Jahangir, but he has no evidence to prove it; with the help of his friends Mehrdad and Taqi he gets Jahangir turned over to the law.

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