Shab-e hadese (1989) - (Bijan Emkanian) Iranian film poster F, EX $65 *

Pictured is an Iranian promotional poster for the 1989 Sirus Alvand film Shab-e hadese starring Bijan Emkanian as Amir.

Size: 22.5" x 39"

Price: $65

Condition: Folded, Excellent (edge damage)

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This is a 22.5" x 39" Iranian poster for the 1989 film The Night of the Accident written and directed by Sirus Alvand based on a story by Fereydoun Jeyrani and starring Bijan Emkanian as Amir Hossein Sanaifar. Plot summary: After the holidays Amir Hossein Sanaifar [Bijan Emkanian] and his wife Homa [Sogand Rahmani] are heading back to Tehran so Amir can get back to work on time at the telephone company. He takes Homa to her sister's home in Rasht and then heads for the capital. Driving at night he hits a young boy. Thinking he has killed him he leaves him on the road. In Tehran a man named Nader [Parviz Poorhosseini] later informs him he has found his wallet at the scene of the accident and that he is the boy's father. Years earlier Nader had lost a leg in an accident and he is now planning to torment Amir for fleeing the scene. Nader has also told Homa about what happened, which further damages the already troubled relationship between Amir and Homa. It gradually becomes clear Nader's son is alive and Nader is planning to get revenge against Amir and his wife. Nader's wife tells Amir about her husband's intentions. When Nader is about to kill Homa Amir turns up and saves her.

This item is available for immediate shipment. It is variously known to the public as a Shab-e hadese poster, a Shab-e hadese film poster and a Shab-e hadese movie poster.

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