My Hippie Wife [zawgati min al-hibez] (1973) - (Duraid Laham) Syrian one-sheet F, NM $55 *

Pictured is a Lebanese promotional poster for the 1973 Atef Salem film My Hippie Wife starring Duraid Lahham as Ghawar.

Size: 26.75" x 38"

Price: SOLD

Condition: Folded Near Mint

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This is an original folded 26.5" x 38" Lebanese movie poster designed by Hassan Mazhar Gasour for the 1973 Atef Salem film My Hippie Wife [zawgati min al-hibez] based on story and screenplay by Abdel Hay Adib and starring Duraid Laham as Ghawar. Plot summary: A poor boy named Ghawar asked his friend Hosny [Nohad Qali] if he could live with him because he had no place to live. He met some hippies, fell in love with one of them named Nana [Howeyda] and married her. He could not find a place for them to live other than Hosny's place; Hosny disliked both of them and kept trying to find ways to get rid of them.

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