Person Lives Once, A [al-insan yaeesh mara wahida] (1981) - (Adel Imam) Egyptian poster F, EX $45 *

Pictured is an Egyptian promotional poster for the 1981 Simon Saleh film A Person Lives Once starring Adel Imam as Hani.

Size: 27" x 39"

Price: $45

Condition: Folded, Excellent (edge damage)

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This is a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster designed by Gasour for the 1981 Simon Saleh film A Person Lives Once AKA al-insan yaeesh mara wahida written by Wahid Hamid and starring Adel Imam as Hani. Plot summary: Dr. Amal [Youssra] moved her practice to Salloum after the death of her fiance. There she met Hani and formed a strong relationship with him. Hani became friends with Bakri, [Aly El Cherif] a school guard from upper Egypt who was being chased by Haridi, [Naeem Esa] who had a grudge against him. Hani and Amal decided to marry and go to Cairo with Bakri. Haridi arrived in Salloum and when he heard about Bakri's trip he jumped on the train with a small firearm as it was leaving the platform.

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