Five Doors Bar [khamsa bab] (1983) - (Adel Imam) Lebanese movie poster F, NM $45 *

Pictured is a Lebanese promotional poster for the 1983 Nader Galal film Five Doors Bar [khamsa bab] starring Adel Imam and Nadia El Guindy.

Size: 27" x 39"

Price: $45

Condition: Folded, Near Mint

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Pictured is an Lebanese promotional poster designed by Gasour and Anise for the 1983 125-minute Nader Galal color musical Five Doors Bar [khamsa bab] based on the 1963 Billy Wilder film Irma La Douce, with screenplay and dialogue by Sharif Al-Minbawy and cinematography by Ibrahim Saleh. Plot summary: In the 1940s Kollu Mashi (Fouad El Mohandes) owned a bar in the Ezbekia neighborhood where prostitution was allowed. The singer Tragy (Nadia El Guindy) worked with the pimp Abbas (Youssef Eid), with whom she divided her daily take. He protected her and a number of other girls of the night in an area where the police would take bribes in exchange for ignoring what was going on. The policeman Mansour (Adel Imam) was transferred to the neighborhood and all attempts to bribe him, as had been done with his predecessors, failed. One night he took everyone to the police station, but Abbas planted drugs in his room and he was fired. Mansour went back to working as a tough guy and took over the neighborhood. He fell in love with Tragy, tried to convince her to repent and tried to get money for her so she could live in better conditions. He impersonated a wealthy man, then married her after she repented; Abbas was arrested. This film was initially banned in Egypt.

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