Sacrifice, The [ghorbani] (1993) - (Dariush Arjmand) Iranian film poster F, VG $30 *

Pictured is an Iranian promotional poster for the 1993 Rasoul Sadrameli film The Sacrifice starring Dariush Arjmand as Haj Nosrat.

Size: 26.5" x 37.75"

Price: $30


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This is a 26" x 38" Iranian poster designed by Bateni for the 1993 Rasoul Sadrameli film The Sacrifice written by Ebrahim Forouzesh and Rasoul Sadrameli and starring Dariush Arjmand as Haj Nosrat. Plot summary: Hamed, Haj Nosrat's youngest son, is robbed of a large amount of money. This causes a crisis in Haj Nosrat's family. Majid, Haj Nosrat's oldest son, has separated from his wife and is living in his father's house. He sees his father as the cause of his separation from his wife and he is still interested in her. Haj Nosrat, who has a low opinion of Majid's former wife, takes him to the guard station. Majid apologizes to her and it gradually becomes clear that Majid had a hand in the robbery of his half brother. He tells his father about it and after giving his son back to his former wife he starts working to save Hamed. Majid's colleagues have changed Hamed's hiding place but after a fight he saves Hamed.

This item is available for immediate shipment. It is variously known to the public as a The Sacrifice poster, a The Sacrifice film poster and a The Sacrifice movie poster.

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