Written on the Sky (1968) - (Behrouz Vossoughi) Iranian film poster F, EX $55 *

Pictured is an Iranian promotional poster for the 1968 Siyamak Yasami film Written on the Sky starring Behrouz Vossoughi.

Size: 21.25" x 28.75"

Price: SOLD

Condition: Folded, Excellent (tape on edges)

This is a 21.25" x 28.75" Iranian poster designed by Bat Atelier for the 1968 Syamak Yasami film Written on the Sky starring Behrouz Vossoughi. Plot summary: There is a feud between two tribes on the front and back sides of a mountain. Finally after negotiations they decide to put their differences behind them with the marriage of Ahmad, the son of Ahmad Khan from the tribe in front of the mountain and Gohar, the daughter of Bahadar Khan from the tribe behind the mountain. For this purpose Ahmad is summoned from Tehran and he makes the trip with his friend Mahmoud. Since he has been separated from his parents since childhood he introduces Mahmoud in his place. An engineer named Mohsen has been profiting from the hostility between the two tribes and tries to reignite the hostilities by creating problems. Because he does not succeed, he disrupts the relationship between the two friends at the meeting with Gohar. Gohar and Mahmoud fall in love and this makes Ahmad jealous. When the encounter is about to get violent the truth becomes known and Mohsen is killed.

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