Horror [delhoreh] (1962) - (Reza Beyk Imanverdi) Iranian busta film poster #1 F, EX $75 *

Pictured is an Iranian promotional poster for the 1962 Samouel Khachikian film Horror starring Reza Beyk Imanverdi.

Size: 18.25" x 26"

Price: $75

Condition: Folded, Excellent (as pictured: has tape on edges, surface wear)

Watch on YouTube here.

This is an 18.25" x 26" Iranian busta-style poster by an unknown designer made to promote the 1962 Samouel Khachikian film Horror [delhoreh] starring Reza Beyk Imanverdi based on a screenplay by Samuel Khachikian with cinematography by Ghodratallah Ehsani. The film was produced by the Azhir film studio. Plot summary: Behrouz, the husband of Roshanak Niknezhad, was a writer of crime stories and he managed the factory owned by Roshanak's uncle, who had been killed in a factory accident. A man named Babak came to their home as a journalist with some love letters from Roshanak. He said he would give her five of the letters for 5000 tumans and the sixth on in return for sleeping with him. Roshanak gave Babak the money but before he could take hold of her she shot him. Roshanak went back into the house and encountered Babak, who had not been killed, several times. On the other hand a policeman named Jamshid, who had previously loved Roshanak and was investigating the mysterious death of her uncle, got involved in the episode. The police thought Roshanak had killed her uncle but in their investigations they realized that Behrouz had been behind all the incidents and that he had wanted to eliminate Roshanak and her uncle so he could take their wealth. Jamshid took Behrouz down and arrested his colleagues.

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