Maritime Silk Road, The [rahe abi-ye abrisham] (2011) - (Bahram Radan) Iranian film poster R, EX $95 *

Pictured is an Iranian promotional poster for the 2011 Mohamamad Bozorgniz film The Maritime Silk Road starring Bahram Radan.

Size: 26.75" x 38.5"

Price: $95

Condition: Rolled, Excellent (minor edge damage)

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Pictured is a 26.75" x 38.5" Iranian poster designed by Behruz Khorshidi to promote the 2011 Mohammad Bozorgnia film The Maritime Silk Road starring Bahram Radan as Shazan ibn Yusuf based on a story by Mohammad Bozorgnia with cinematography by Bahram Badakhshani. Plot summary: This historical drama is about the first crossing of the Indian Ocean to China on a route which came to be called the Maritime Silk Road. Two ships undertook the voyage through the Persian Gulf from Iran, one under Captain Soleiman [Dariush Arjmand] and another under Captain Idris [Reza Kianian]. The story is based on an account of the voyage written in 11 B.C. by a passenger on Soleiman's ship named Shazan ibn Yusuf.

This item is available for immediate shipment. It is variously known to the public as a Maritime Silk Road poster, a Maritime Silk Road film poster and a Maritime Silk Road movie poster.

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