Ziba and I [man o ziba] (2011) - (Shahab Hosseini) Iranian film poster F, EX $65 *

Pictured is an Iranian promotional poster for the 2011 Fereidoun Hasanpour film Ziba and I starring Shahab Hosseini.

Size: 27" x 38.5"

Price: $65

Condition: Folded, Excellent (edge damage)

Plot summary: On a cold and rainy night before Mousa [Parviz Parastul] got home his wife Rahela died in childbirth. Mousa spent the rest of his life thinking he was responsible for Rahela's death and he devoted everything he had and all his love to Ja'far [Shahab Hosseini], his only memento of Rahela.

This item is available for immediate shipment. It is variously known to the public as a Ziba and I poster, a Ziba and I film poster and a Ziba and I movie poster.

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