Egyptian KFC poster (2001) - (Colonel Sanders) one-sheet R, EX $125 *

Pictured is an Egyptian promotional poster for the KFC fast food chain..

Size: 26.5" x 38.5"

Price: $125

Condition: Rolled, Excellent (minor edge damage)

This is an original Egyptian KFC poster. This chain has established such a presence for itself in Egypt that it has become a generic term for fast food. When somebody wants a friend to bring him something to eat, he may ask for "AL-Kentucky" without necessarily meaning he wants chicken. The heading on the poster says "With the Secret Sauce Everyone Loves." This is an original double-sided advertising poster printed on heavy paper with the same design and text on both sides. It is not translucent with reverse text on the back in the style of the typical double-sided movie poster. It is designed to be readable from either direction. It says "Kentucky Chicken 26 years in Egypt" and gives a few details about the company's history.

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