Night and the City (1950) - (Richard Widmark, Gene Tierney) US Lobby Card #5 NM $125 *

Pictured is a US lobby card for the 1950 Jules Dassin film Night and the City starring Richard Widmark and Gene Tierney.

Size: 11" x 14"

Price: $125

Condition: Near Mint

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Pictured is an 11" x 14" US lobby card #5 showing Gene Tierney as Mary Bristol and Googie Withers as Helen Nosseross in a scene from the 1950 Jules Dassin film Night and the City based on the novel by Gerald Kersh, screenplay by Joe Eisinger and starring Richard Widmark as Harry Fabian. Plot summary: In its day film critics were not appreciative of this film, but it later became recognized as a seminal work of film noir. In Street with No Name: A History of the Classic American Film Noir Andrew Dickos said "in a perfect fusion of mood and character, Dassin created a work of emotional power and existential drama that stands as a paradigm of noir pathos and despair." The film is set in London and tracks the rise and fall of Harry Fabian, an ambitious grifter who has an unstable relationship with an honest nightclub owner named Mary Bristol. In an attempt to improve his financial situation Fabian opens a gym where he supports professional wrestlers; he soon gets into conflict with underworld competitors who put a reward on his head.

This item is available for immediate shipment. It is variously known to the public as a Night and the City lobby card, a Night and the City film lobby card and a Night and the City movie lobby card.

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