Dr. Blood's Coffin (1961) - (Kieron Moore) US one-sheet F, VG $55 *

Pictured is a US one-sheet promotional poster for the 1961 Sidney J. Furie film Dr. Blood's Coffin starring Kieron Moore.

Size: 27" x 41"

Price: $55

Condition: Folded, VG (has 7" vertical fold separation at bottom center)

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Pictured is a US 27" x 41" US one-sheet designed to promote the 1961 Sydney J. Furie film Dr. Blood's Coffin based on story and screenplay by Nathan Juran adapted for film by James Kelley and Peter Miller and starring Kieron Moore as Dr. Peter Blood. Plot summary: Dr. Blood is a mad scientist who brings the dead back to life in a laboratory hidden in a Cornish tin mine. He does this by using curare to remove living hearts from undeserving people and transfer them to the bodies of deserving dead people.

This item is available for immediate shipment. It is variously known to the public as a Dr. Blood's Coffin poster, a Dr. Blood's Coffin film poster and a Dr. Blood's Coffin movie poster.

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