Attack of the Monsters (1969) - (Juko Hamada) Italian fotobusta #6 F, VG+ $65 *

Pictured is an Italian busta poster for the 1969 Noriaki Yasa film Attack of the Monsters starring Juko Hamada.

Size: 19" x 29"

Price: $65

Condition: Folded, VG+ (edge damage, tape repair on back, brown stain as pictured)

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This is an 18" x 26" Italian busta for the 1969 Noriaki Yuasa film Attack of the Monsters based on a story by Nisan Takahashi and starring Nobohiro Kajima as Akio. Plot summary: A little girl watches as her two male playmates are abducted in a flying saucer, but nobody believes her story. The boys are taken to a planet on the other side of the sun but are finally rescued by Gamera, the fire-breathing flying monster turtle, who has to fight Gurian, another monster with a nose shaped like a knife, to accomplish this. The film is also known as Gamera vs. Gurion and King Kong contro Godzilla.

This item is available for immediate shipment. It is variously known to the public as an Italian busta Attack of the Monsters poster, an Italian busta Attack of the Monsters film poster and an Italian busta Attack of the Monsters movie poster.

The Japanese Title is Gamera tai daikaij Giron; alternate English titles are Gamera vs. Gurion and Gamera vs. the Giant Evil Beast Gurion.

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