Egyptian Story, An [haduta masria] (1982) - (dir: Youssef Chahine) Egyptian film poster F, NM $125 *

Pictured is an Egyptian promotional poster for the 1982 Youssef Chahine film An Egyptian Story starring Nour El-Sherif and Youssra.

Size: 27" x 39"

Price: $125

Condition: Folded Near Mint

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This is a promotional poster designed by Gasour for the 1982 120-minute Youssef Chahine color film An Egyptian Story [haduta masria] based on a story idea by Yousef Idriss, screenplay by Youssef Chahine and cinematography by Mohsen Nasr. Plot summary: In this autobiographical meditation director Yehia (Chahine) has a heart attack while directing one of his films. He is obliged to go to England and submit to the care of coronary specialist Magdy Ya'qoub. During the operation he sees scenes from the past, critiques of the way he directs his films, how he met his wife the daughter of a film producer, how he dreamed of exhibiting his film Nile Boy at the Cannes Film Festival, and his direction of films like Cairo Station and Jamila. These scenes are shown in the framework of a trial where there is a confrontation between the successful director and the small child within. The dream trial also brings out the director's relationship with the Egyptian revolution, his craving for success and his encounter with the American dream. The heart operation is a success.

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