Money and Children [al-mal wal-banun] (1954) - (Aqila Ratib) oversize Egyptian film poster F, EX $175 **jg**

Pictured is an Egyptian promotional poster for the 1954 Ibrahim Emara film Money and Children starring Aqila Ratib.

Size: 33" x 45"

Price: SOLD

Condition: Excellent (edge damage)

This is a 33" x 45" Egyptian oversize stone litho poster for the 1954 film Money and Children [al-mal wal-banun] directed by Ibrahim Emara, starring Aqila Ratib and Mohsen Sarhan. The film tells the story of two married friends and their children, where the desire for children and the ability to have them are restrained by financial considerations. One of the men takes a second wife to make the addition of children easier. The poster art is a joint project by Studio Adly and Ahmed Fouad; printing by Dar al-Taba'a of Cairo.

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