Train, The [al-qatar] (1986) - (Nour El-Sherif) Style B Egyptian poster F, NM $95 *

Pictured is the style b Egyptian film poster for the 1986 Ahmad Fouad film The Train starring Nour El-Sherif.

Size: 27" x 39"

Price: $95

Condition: Folded Near Mint

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Pictured is an Egyptian promotional poster designed by Sami for the 1986 Ahmad Fouad film The Train [al-qatar] based on story, screenplay and dialogue by Mohammad Said Marzouk with cinematography by Ramses Marzouk. Plot summary: The train engineer Ibrahim [Fouad Ahmed] was sure his wife Gamalat [Amal Ibrahim] had betrayed him with his assistant and colleague Sobhi [Abu Bakr Ezzat]. He killed her after confronting her with her confession. He decided to kill his disloyal colleague while they were on the high-speed train at the Assyut Station; they got into a fight and fell off the train while it was throttling down the tracks at high velocity. A drunken passenger saw this while he was leaning out a window and retching; he told the other passengers, but no one believed him. The train did not stop at its stations on the way to Aswan and fear and panic spread among the passengers. On board the wreck-bound train a girl named Farida [Mervat Amin] and a boy named Khaled [Nour El-Sherif] fell in love after a brief acquaintance as fellow travelers. Khaled crawled up on the roof and heroically tried to bring the train into the wheelhouse; a rescue helicopter moved him with a sling to the engineer's cabin so he could stop it before it crashed. The girl was proud of what the boy she loved had done. Director Ahmed Fouad makes an appearance as a hitchhiker making his way to Assyut about 16 minutes into the film.

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