Dancer from Sonbat, A [ghazia men sonbat] (1967) - (dir: El-Seyed Ziada) Egyptian poster F, EX $85 *

Pictured is an Egyptian promotional poster for the 1967 El-Sayed Ziada film A Dancer from Sonbat starring Sharifa Fadel.

Size: 27" x 39"

Price: $65

Condition: Folded Excellent (edge damage)

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The poster shown is an Egyptian promotional poster designed by Abdel Alim and Wahib Fahmy for the 1967 95-minute El-Sayed Ziada black-and-white film A Dancer from Sonbat [ghazia men sonbat] starring Sharifa Fadel as Salwa based on a story by Hassan Nashaat with screenplay and dialogue by Kamal Salaheddin and cinematography by Gamal Ebada. Plot summary: A dancer named Salwa rebelled against her family in the Ghawazi neighborhood in the city of Sonbat after they tried to make her marry an old man whose wealth they coveted. Salwa fled her hometown and her pushy parents for the city of Cairo. There she met Ahmad, Ruhia, Nabil and Barghuta, who worked at weddings as a band. She joined the team as a musician, but her success bothered Taghrid, the team's traditional singer and also the dancer Helawa, who decided to leave the band. There was a sense of crisis in the band but Salwa tried to make a place for herself and was successful with her songs. The band prepared a big show for presentation in the city's major theaters. Taghrid and Helawa decided to rejoin the band to be in the show, which was an immediate success.

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