Yog, Monster from Space (1970) - (dir: Ishiro Honda) 8 Italian color stills VG+ $65 *

Pictured is a set of 8 Italian color stills from the 1970 Ishiro Honda film Yog Monster from space, starring Akira Kubo.

Size: 7" x 9.5" each still

Price: $65 all 8 stills

Condition: VG+ (pinholes, Egyptian revenue stamps)

This item is available for immediate shipment. It is variously known to the public as a Yog Monster from Space poster, a Yog Monster from Space film poster and a Yog Monster from Space movie poster, or movie stills.

The Japanese title is Gezor, Ganime, Kameba: Kessen! Nankai no daikaiju; the French title is Les envahisseurs de l espace; an alternate English title is Space Amoeba.


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